Tamworth – The Australian Traveller Guide

Boot scoot your way into Tamworth, the town well known for country music and rowdy cowboys. Even if country music isn’t your thing, the area hosts a range of delicious restaurants and a never-ending party scene.
If you’re travelling to the region for a taste of the Tamworth Country Music festival, make sure to book months in advance. For those who love to party, camping grounds are marked close-by for spectators to set up their swags. Be warned that nights in Tamworth can get particularly rowdy and you probably won’t be getting much sleep.

Nothing says proud country music town than shaping your visitor’s centre as a giant guitar. Inside The Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre is a wax museum in respect of Country Music’s most important stars.
Oxley Scenic Lookout gives locals and travellers alike the opportunity to gaze out at the beautiful city below them. Get the most out of the view and take a picnic with you or have a barbeque.
Tamworth knows how to party. Most pubs have live music and are packed to the brim with intoxicated, dancing country folk. Head out on a Friday or Saturday night and let Tamworth show you how to have a great time. Take your partner by the hand…
Ask any Australian what Tamworth is best known for and they’ll list Keith Urban, Jackie Cole, Slim Dusty…country singers. Make sure you’re in town when 55,000+ visitors from all over Australia cram their way into Tamworth for its’ biggest party of the year: The Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Visitors rave about the place, but it really depends on the activities you’re travelling for when deciding on the best time to travel. Joining the masses and flocking to the biggest country music festival in the southern hemisphere is highly recommended. The festival is held at the end of January every year. Summer in Tamworth is dry and dusty, just the way dinky di Aussie cowboys love it.

Countrylink express trains run between Sydney and Tamworth. Qantas and Brindabella Airlines fly into Tamworth airport from Sydney and Brisbane. From here, Taxi’s will cover the 10km trip into town.