Art Series Hotels

Everything you need to know about the Art Series Hotels in Australia. By the team at Australian Traveller magazine.

Launched in 2009 the Art Series of Hotels are the latest boutique accommodation in Melbourne.

The philosophy of these hotels is to get a famous Australian artist to work closely in the development of the hotel. Each of the hotels carry the Artists name and becomes an exclusive domain of their artwork. In essence these hotels become galleries of the artists work.

So far there are three art series hotels.
1. The Cullen (Launched 2009)
2. The Olsen (Launched in 2010)
3. The Blackman (Launched in 2011)

All are located in and around trendy South Yarr’s Chapel Street in Melbourne. It makes for some great shopping and a central location between the CBD and bustling St Kilda.

These hotels have won a lot of awards since their launch, and for many people they are a very good thing. At Australian Traveller we can recommend them for a weekend in Melbourne. An indulgence and an experience. Not the greatest value, they are still a decent accommodation option in Melbourne.

The Cullen:
We have stayed here and enjoyed the experience. At this stage the rate for the hotel has settled into the high $200’s per room night. But the hotel is fashionable, and a place to be seen if you are a footballer who has just busted up with your partner and need to stay somewhere where you can keep a low profile and be seen at the same time.

The rooms are a good size, and if you can pick up a room here in the low $200’s you will have a good deal. This hotel will be a love it or hate it experience for everyone who visits.  Here is our full review:

The Olsen
The Olsen opened in 2010 and acts as a dedicated gallery to the work of John Olsen. Unlike the Cullen, which is a cubist bahaus sort of building the Olsen Hotel feels like you are staying in a converted office tower. Whether or not this is the case we are not sure, but the building has that feel.

The rooms at the Olsen are once again, a very reasonable size, but you need to be careful about which room you stay in. We had the disconcerting experience of finding that in our room the mirror along one wall means that you look directly out of your bed and into the window of another guest staying on the same level in the opposite wing. Check this when you get your room and make sure you are placed towards the end of the wings to avoid this problem. Prices for the Olsen are good, and by hunting around you should be able to get a room in the very low $200’s.

The Blackman
The Blackman opened in 2011. We haven’t had the opportunity to stay there yet but will report back to you with our experience. The room rates seem to have settled at around the low $200’s per night which places it in a similar ballpark to the Olsen Hotel.