These 9 gadgets may very well change the way you travel. Then again… (By Steve Madgwick)

1. Brace(let) for the sun

The ‘June’ bracelet, designed by Louis Vuitton no less, monitors your sun exposure, with a know-it-all app reminding you when to re-apply sunscreen or slap on your Panama hat. Available in gold, gunmetal and platinum (in 2nd quarter of 2014) for around $140. See Netatmo

2. Stopping goggle-eyed jet lag?

These white-framed, green-lit goggles are designed (at Flinders University) to improve your sleep when your circadian rhythms are upset – i.e. they are supposed to help with jet lag. Do they work? See our guide to jet lag, the myths and realities. $299 at Re-Timer.

3. Magic sand mat

A sand-free beach mat seems like a contradiction, but that’s exactly what the Quicksand claims to be. Its “dual-layer synthetic weave and non-absorbent” surface apparently lets sand fall through the mat and won’t let it return. $99 plus delivery from Quicksand Mat

4. Y charge? Because…

Roadtrippers will never have to fight over charging rights again. The TYLT Y-Charge dual USB car charger comes in a four rather fruity colours so you’re unlikely to lose it in a hurry. From $24.99 (plus shipping). See TYLT

5. Loser no more

Place this little Tile in anything you think that you’re likely to misplace and then when you do misplace it, an iOS compatible app will help you find your lost handbag, keys or hire car. Just don’t lose your phone! From US$19.95 (plus shipping) from The Tile App

6. Make like a Rockstar and split

A family of five can put their heads together using Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter. The trick is to find five people with roughly the same taste in music – a tough ask. Fits most audio players, $24.95 from the Apple Store

7. Stalk or be stalked

Avoid all those new-found Instagram holiday ‘friends’ with the Cloak app. It maps out where those you follow were last active so you are free to avoid them or turn up, depending on your whim and has an ‘incognito’ mode. Great for stalking celebrities too. Works with Instagram, Foursquare and soon on Facebook.

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8. iDouble

More storage (up to 32GB) and a claimed doubling of battery life on your iPhone sounds like a ‘smart’ holiday accessory for those planning to roam outside of charging range. But are Mophie Spacepack’s extra juice and gigs worth $149.95 (plus shipping) to you? See Mophie

9. Peck-free foldaway

Just in case you need to write your seminal travel tome on the road, and don’t fancy pecking away on your iPad, the wireless Matias Folding Keyboard could be just your thing (and it may well be infinitely more crammable into your suitcase). For Apple or Android. From US$69.95 (plus shipping). See Matias



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