RSL, golf, surf and bowling clubs are a great Aussie tradition. These humble, unpretentious establishments are family-friendly, easygoing, have casual dining for the family – and some of the coastal clubs also happen to boast fantastic beach views. They’re a great, easy option for when mum wants a night off cooking (hey, it’s her holiday too, you know) but you can’t face a more formal restaurant.

Each time you visit one of these clubs, you get a glimpse into the heart and soul of the community it serves through the black and white photos on the walls; simple testimonials to past and present members.
The food’s not Michelin-starred, but that’s not really the kind of hunger you’re struck by when you enter one of these establishments, is it? What you want after a long day on the beach is an Aussie burger, or a salt and pepper squid salad, or some prawns with that yummy pink cocktail sauce. Mmmm. Wherever you are, pop into your local club, say hi to the locals and enjoy a schnitty or share a fisherman’s basket while gazing out over the ocean.


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