Fact: things taste better on the beach. There are three things, in particular, that go hand-in-hand with sun, surf and sand, and it is your duty to eat each of them on the beach at least once this summer. You won’t regret it!

Try these

Fish’n chips Beer battered or grilled, served with chips or salad, fish’n chips must be eaten out of the cardboard box they are served in (it comes in handy for snapping shut when pesky seagulls come calling for their share). A squeeze of lemon and a tub of tartare sauce are the perfect accompaniments.

‘Aussie’ burger White bun, precariously laden with a beef patty, lettuce, mayo, beetroot, bacon, cheese, and even a ring of tinned pineapple if you’re feeling particularly fruity. The beetroot WILL slide out, but hey – you’re on the beach! Simply wash off in the water when you’re done.

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