It goes without saying that you’ll need the essentials (leash, water, bed) but here are a few other things to prep before you go.

1. Regular food
“Try to over-cater, as finding your pet’s normal food on a trip may be harder than you think and some pets don’t cope well with a sudden change in diet,” says Gareth Brock of

2. A tick-repellent collar
because they’re more affordable than fortnightly medication and they’re useful when you’re heading into tick-filled areas (continue checking for ticks each day, though).

3. An up-to-date photo
in the rare instance that they go missing.

4. Photocopies of vaccination certificates
(or pictures saved on your iPad or phone). Some hotels will ask for this before they accept your pet.

5. Doggy bags And a spare towel
because you never know when you might need them!

6. Car restraints
in the form of a seat harness or carrier – most states now issue a fine for unrestrained animals.

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