Planes, air-con and humidity are the ruin of a traveller’s skin, so we’ve done a little homework and found some of the most soothing (Australian) oils, tonics, scrubs, balms and salves for your complexion.

Face oils ain’t oils

Face oil has been making it onto the beauty carousel of late, so we decided to take a look and, it turns out, oil is for more than just salad. It’s perfect for combating the dehydrating conditions of flying. We’re on board and we’re taking the oil with us.

1. So pretty: Botanical Signature Nourishing Face Oil Serum, $47.95.

2. Full ’o fruit: Babe Super-food Face Elixer in Pomegranate and Rose Hip, $45.

Skin and tonic

Travelling is dirty business. Traipsing through dust, wallowing in sea water, and getting up close with animals can layer on the grime. Wash it all away with a nice, balancing tonic to ensure impurities don’t manifest into face volcanoes.

3. Spray to tone: Jacqueline Evans Rooibos Facial Toner, $34.95.

4 Renew with riberry: Coast to Coast Outback Balancing Facial Tonic Kakadu Plum & Riberry, $24.95.

Want those scrubs

Ask anyone, holidays are tiresome. Constant moving, excitement and indulging takes a toll. An invigorating scrub goes a long way to revitalising poorly maintained pores. We’ve chosen two with extra peppy ingredients. And, apart from TLC, nobody has ever said: ‘we don’t want no scrubs’!

5. Wake up skin with coffee: frank Body Original Coffee scrub, $14.95.


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6. Revitalise with a cuppa: babe Green Tea Body Scrub, $21.95.

Seal your lips

Lips get a big work out when you travel. So much smiling, sipping, chatting and, hopefully, a bit of smooching. Keep them supple and in prime selfie-pout condition with the application of our fave balms. Pop one in every bag you own.

7. Lanolin and avo power: Go To Lips!, $15.

8. Vitamin E for softness: Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream, $15.

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