Five-minute Q&A with Lachlan Daddo on his travel preferences.

Arrival Gate
5-Minute Q&A with . . .

Who: Lachlan Daddo
What: Brother of Cameron and Andrew, TV presenter, producer and director, one of Australia’s favourite sons
Where: Northern Beaches, NSW
Why: Because he’s a Daddo, and therefore an Aussie institution


What’s the one Australian experience every Australian must have?
A trip to the NT. The colour, the beauty, the harsh landscape, the desolation, the enormity of space; it really is a land of contrasts. It puts everything in perspective. An experience you’ll never forget.

Last Australian destination?
Lizard Island, extreme luxury in paradise.

Favourite childhood holiday memories?
Lying on my mum’s back on the beach at Yamba.

Place you’re not hurrying back to?
LA. Been there done that. Everyone’s chasing something.


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Best travel tip you ever heard?
Pack what you think you’ll need, then halve it.

1hat do you always leave behind in a hotel room?
Phone charger. Those things are expensive.

Favourite Australian hotel?
El Questro in the Kimberley (northwest WA).

You’re away for four nights – how many pairs of smalls?

Favourite piece of luggage?
Oroton three-day bag. Big enough to stack, small enough to carry on. Hate waiting for baggage.

One thing you can’t leave home without?
Camera. Not that I always remember to pull it out.

Most common thing left at home?
Bathroom bag. I’m always buying new deodorant and toothpaste.

Hotel mini bar: raid, replace or don’t touch?

Favourite moment: takeoff or landing?
Taking off with a heart full of anticipation for the movies I can watch.

Aisle or window?
Definitely aisle. Easy access.

Worst flight?
Caught in a storm outside Phoenix, Arizona. Plane struck by lightning, everything went black for about five seconds.

Worst person ever seated next to?
Big fat snorer (my sound recordist).

Person you wish you could sit next to?
There’s nothing better than having an empty seat next to you. Call me antisocial, but I like to lounge and watch movies in peace.

Airline food: love it or hate it?
I’ve got a love/hate thing going on. Where have you just been and why?
Uluru, for work, but lot’s of fun.

Where are you about to go and why?
Home to my beautiful daughter and wife.

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