It can be exhilarating and it can be nerve-wracking but there aren’t many people whose lives aren’t enriched by one of the growing number of ‘swim with’ experiences offered in Australia.

Ningaloo Reef on Western Australia’s Coral Coast was the 12th most popular destination on The 100 Greatest Holidays of Australia list, thanks largely to the whale shark encounters on offer (incidentally placing it ahead of the Great Barrier Reef). But that’s just the start: you can frolic with dolphins or stare face to face with a great white shark (from behind the safety of a cage). So, get your togs on, here are Australia’s 5 Greatest ‘swim withs’ (with the number they finished on the 100 list in brackets)

1. Swim with whale sharks in the ‘other’ reef, Ningaloo,WA (12)

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