Pull on the hiking boots as AT shows you the ten best walks you do in a day.


A wayward, wandering kind of bloke, Andrew Bain has walked several thousand kilometres across great chunks of the country, and is the lead author of Lonely Planet’s Walking in Australia guidebook. We pull on the boots to follow his guide to the best walks in Australia you can do in a day.


For all the obvious appeals of walking through the bush for days on end, there are also some grimmer realities: the 20-odd kilograms of backpacking, the heels rubbed into something resembling steak tartare, the centimetre-thick mattresses that make the nights as uncomfortable as the days.


Day walks are a welcome compromise, doing away with most of the discomforts while sometimes offering scenery and experiences to rival any of the famous multi-day bushwalks. Here, we’ve chosen the ten day walks we believe to be the finest and most rewarding in the country.

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Australian Traveller Magazines Top 10 Day Walks You Can Do In A Day.


1. Ormiston Gorge & Pound, NT

2. Carnarvon Gorge, QLD

3. Flinders Chase Coast, SA

4. Razorback Ridge, VIC

5. Wineglass Bay Circuit, TAS

6. Cathedral Range, VIC

7. Bishop and Clerk Towers, TAS

8. Mt Townsend, NSW

9. Kangarutha Track, NSW

10. Bluff Knoll, WA

Which Walk? Guided walking tours vs the solo trek and the best bushwalks in Australia
If we had to choose the best of ALL of the country’s many treks (day walks or otherwise), here’s how it breaks down. If you disagree, let us know via editor@australiantraveller.com

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