Ever wanted to do what we do? Thought so. Well, here’s your chance.

Become a Travel Writer 

Ever wanted to do what we do? Thought so. Well, here’s your chance.

Judging by the hundreds of fanastic tales of adventures, holidays and tips we receive every month from our readers and the looks of utter envy AT staff receive when they tell new acquaintances about their job, we expect you to hit the keyboard straight away.

Applications are now open for the WorldNomads.com 2009 Travel Writing Scholarship. Every year, one lucky aspiring writer gets the chance to go on assignment for the global online insurance provider. This year’s destination is India.

The fortunate scholarship winner will fly to Kerala on February 16 and spend ten days on the River Nila (on a specifially designed tour with The Blue Yonder), before writing and reviewing for the new Footprint India Handbook for another ten days. And you won’t be in it on your own: experienced travel writer and photographer David Scott will provide advice and mentorship.

Apart from the chance to get your foot in the door (quite literally), this is a once in a liftetime chance to explore a country rich with ancient culture. The Blue Yonder tour will show you the ancient civilisations that still flourish along the River Nila. You’ll meet musicians, folk artists, bell metal workers, potters and sand miners. Learn from fire worshippers and ritualistic healers and plant saplings in ’Traveller’s Forest’, a community driven eco-restoration project. You won’t look at civilisation the same way again after this eye-opening experience.

If you’ve got the spirit for adventure and a gift with words, this could be your big break. WorldNomads is asking for a 500 words or less essay based on personal experiences around these themes:
a. ‘A Journey that Changed Lives’
b. ‘Responsible Travel’
c. ‘Adventure in an unknown culture’

The travel writing scholarship is part of the annual WorldNomads.com scholarship program. Check out their website, www.worldnomads.com for more information. 

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