AT review three new camera models on the market
Snap and share
Samsung’s new SH100 camera is designed for sharing your travels online. This pocket-sized point-and-shoot allows users to upload images straight to social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Photo Bucket, so long as you have access to wi-fi. Although the SH100 doesn’t produce the highest quality pictures, the convenience of instant upload makes it perfect for travel blogging, especially since web images do not require high resolution. There’s also an option to email photos directly to individual addresses straight from the camera. Android 2.2 phones can double as a remote control and viewing device for this camera. For example in group shots you can preview pictures on your phone screen before operating the shutter.
$279; 1300 362 603;

Great things, small package
Judging by the clarity of the photographs produced, you could be excused for mistaking Sony’s new Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V camera for a DSLR. Without the bulk of the latter, the Cyber-shot still manages 16x High Optical Zoom, 16.2 megapixels, and a superior lens and processor to most point-and-shoots; bringing the world considerably closer without sacrificing image quality. The Cyber-shot’s 3D panorama function is especially fun, where you can sweep your hand across a view to create realistic 3D wide shots, with no need for 3D glasses. As well as detailed photos, users can also take crisp videos with the camera’s in-built Full HD recording ability. The GPS feature that records the location of images is also a nice touch for travel snaps.

Projection power
The old post-holiday slideshow has had a makeover with GE’s new multi-functional PJ1; a digital camera with built-in projector. Impressively slim and easy to navigate, the camera allows users to project images onto any flat surface, directly from the camera. Admittedly, the projected images are not as clear as hoped, but the PJ1 redeems itself with a variety of other features including HD video, high optical zoom, 14.1 megapixels and a 28mm wide angle lens. There is also an ‘Image Stabilization’ function and 25 shooting modes to play around with.