Subscribing to Australian Traveller
in three easy steps

Subscribing is easy. The shopping cart will take you through the process. If at any stage you have any difficulty please call us on (02) 9281 6080 or email

Starting Out
Choose from the drop-down menu below a six issue or 12 issue subscription. The default is 12 issues for $65.95 but if you select six issues for $33.90 it will change the pricing at the next step.

After you have selected the correct number of issues, click the red arrow.

A full detailed guide to subscribing is below if you require any more information or have troubles at any stage.


Step 1
Your selection will appear in the next window.

If this is the correct selection, you now select whether you want to subscribe for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Once the selection is correct please click the Next Step button.

If the selection is incorrect (the wrong number of issues or more than one subscription) use the “Empty Cart” button which will empty your order and you can start again.

Step 2
If you are a previous customer and have your log in details handy then you can enter the log in details into the username and password boxes and continue.

If you do not have your username and password simply start as a new customer and select a different username to previously (if possible).

Competition Entry
If there is a competition associated with the subscription, you can include your entry at this stage. Unfortunately, our system is a little cluncky and the email confirmation you receive will list your competition entry in the “Shipping Details” box – this is normal and will not effect your entry or delivery.

eNewsletter Subscription
At this stage you will also be asked if you want to join our mailing list. If you join our mailing list you will receive our free monthly eNewsletter. Please note we DO NOT sell your details and you can unsubscribe from the email newsletter at any time.

For Gift Subscriptions
If this is a gift for someone else the system will ask you to enter their details including their email address. Once the transaction is completed this will send an email directly to them announcing your gift.

If you do not know the recipient’s email or wish to make sure they do not receive this announcement, please enter your own email address.

When all your details are entered and correct, please click the Next Step button which will take you via a secure connection to our credit card processing partner eWay.

Step 3
The next page is not on the Australian Traveller website but on the secure and encrypted pages of Eway – please note we do not store credit card details on our server. The details you have given us automatically update the required fields at Eway. All you need to do is enter your credit card details and press the “Process Transaction using Eway” button. Eway will then process your transaction and, when completed, return you to our “Thank You” page on the Australian Traveller website.

Please note if you click the “Back” button at this stage you will not return to the Australian Traveller website. You need to re-enter the web addresss into your browser.

You will now receive an email from us with the transaction details.

Trouble Shooting
If you’re having trouble selecting from a drop-down menu you can type in the first letter or number to select the required value. For example if you would like to select NSW type N into the box. Or if you want six and not 12, type six into the drop-down menu box.
Use the Empty Cart button if you have the wrong order or too many subscriptions and start again.

Email us via or call us on (02) 9281 6080 at any stage if you have any troubles.

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