New research shows a third of full-time working Aussies haven’t booked annual leave, so has officially launched the ultimate push, in the form of ‘Book a Holiday Day’…

I bet you thought that people who work full time spent the first few months of the year planning out how they’ll use their annual leave, right?




New research commissioned by has found a worrying trend: full-time working Australians are failing to use their annual leave throughout the year. The research found that an incredible number of workers – 2.4 million, to be exact – aren’t taking any holidays.


Despite being a little bizarre, it also plays into the ‘workaholic’ nature of Aussies in the workforce, and results in 86 per cent of those full-time workers experiencing dreaded burnout – they’re taking extra sick days and even falling asleep at work.


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Fear not, a solution has arrived.


Today marks the first ever ‘Book a Holiday Day’. Hooray! Launched by, the day is dedicated to – you guessed it – booking a holiday.


As an added incentive – fear of burnout aside – has released an exclusive offer for Australian Traveller followers, who will get $40 off their booking, just by booking through the exclusive link.


Similarly, Expedia are also getting on board, as of Monday 18 June, 2018 offering Australian Traveller followers the first look at their new Add-On Advantage™, giving travellers instant access to hotel discounts simply by booking a flight, car – or a package.


You see previously, travellers were urged to ‘bundle’ their flight and hotel in a package on Expedia, for maximum savings on both, but those that booked a flight first, and then a hotel, were missing out. But that’s all changing.


Now, all you need to do is book a flight, car or package to any destination on, and hotel savings are then instantly unlocked up until the start of your trip. The only thing is, the hotel stay needs to occur within the travel dates of the flights, car or package.


The great news is, the hotel stay does NOT have to be in the same destination as the flight, car hire or package. This means you can book return flights to London, but get the discount on a Paris hotel using the Expedia Add-On Advantage.


Okay, I’m convinced.