Travel through different parts of the world with newcomer photographer Rob Steer at his very first exhibition.

Travelling is his passion – and it clearly shows through his photography.

Rob Steer has spent that last 19 years traversing between the wilds of South-East Asia from Thailand to India to Malaysia.

He’s also taken upon himself the role of being an Aussie backpacker and has made his way to London and Europe as well as the USA.

Over the years, Steer has been able to capture some beautiful images representative of the culture, the food, the music and the art that he’s experienced – much of which is considered as everyday life for many people.

His photography also highlights the very things that influence him most about his world-view and what has driven him so much to travel.

Now you can join Steer, after many years of hard work, at the launch of his first photography exhibition, “Going Places”.


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It’s a selection of some of the stunning images he’s taken in the last five years of his travelling, and will be held at Red Monkey Tea House on Friday July 18, 470 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, from 6-9.30pm.

The exhibition will then run until August 3.

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