Can’t go camping without you creature comforts, prefer espresso to rain water? These gadgets might just be for you.

Perfectly camp

If you’re going to sleep in a tent, it’d better be a good one. This piece of art is outstanding in its field. From $281;

Sartorial sleep

This season’s must-have – a quilted onesie that doubles as a sleeping bag. Removable booties zip together into a pillow. From $110;

Wilderness with one

This hand-held espresso maker works like a bicycle pump to produce café-quality espresso. Just add water. Around $199;

Flamin’ Facebook

This wooden stove comes with a USB port, so you can boil the billy while charging your phone/iPad/social media addiction. If Bourke and Wills could see us now… US$129.95 plus shipping;

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