At started with cushions and throw rugs. Little by little you’d start noticing them on what were previously plain white beds in minimalist-as-anything hotel rooms. Then gradually they started having patterns on them, subtle ones at first, in neutral colours so as not to scare away the customers.

Now look at the pic of Spicers Balfour Hotel (above) and see if you notice anything interesting. Colour? Rich, vibrant, possibly even eccentric colour! And luxe fabrics such as velvet and leather? What’s going on?!

For years hotels stayed away from posh upholstery because it might get damaged or stained. In the biggest minimalist backlash since the 1960s, interior design is back. You’ll find everything from vases, books, candles and coffee machines to orgininal artworks in hotel rooms these days, and we love it. Beautiful interiors make for highly memorable, supremely comfortable stays.

This trend is evident everywhere. Have a gander at Melbourne’s Art Series hotels, the Crown’s The Apartment and Sebel Pier One, whose redesign looks set to offer the perfect harbourside cocoon. More please!

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