Australian Traveller looks at the ideal gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day — Karma Currency!

Give the gift of Karma for Valentine’s Day!

You already bought her jewellery last year, flowers aren’t “thoughtful” enough anymore and she complains chocolates have too much sugar. The simple solution is to send her some charity.

For an individual token of affection this Valentines Day, AT likes the idea of forcing your loved one to help clean up the ocean, save a puppy or find a cure. This clever tax-deductible charity is stopping the sale of thousands of unwanted gifts. Simply choose a delivery method, the amount of money you’d like to donate and a Valentine’s Day message, all on the Karma Currency website.

Gone is the pretence of delight when your sweetheart opens your gift this February – they’ll be able to log on and designate the donation to their choice of more than 100 charities, including World Vision, Care Australia, Plan, ACF, Seeing Eye Dogs, Sids and Kids, the World Society for the Protection of Animals, the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Cancer Research Australia.

A worthwhile solution to the tricky annual problem of what to get for your loved one on Valentine’s Day! More info at

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