Renowned Lonely Planet photographer Richard I’Anson selects his favourite images from the past 25 years.


Land Escapes


Richard I’Anson, Lonely Planet’s foremost landscape photographer, presents his favourite works of the past 25 years.

English-born photographer Richard I’Anson is perhaps best known for his extensive work with that globetrotting giant, Lonely Planet. He’s been one of their premier visual contributors for more than 15 years and established the online library, Lonely Planet Images, in 1998. He has travelled the world for the past quarter-century, returning to his Melbourne home after each sojourn with a swathe of images to dazzle, inform and inspire.

After seeing his local and international pictures grace the pages of more than 400 Lonely Planet titles, he has now taken the time to select his favourite Australian landscapes. In his newly released book, Australia: 42 Great Landscape Experiences, he brings together more than 300 images from various locales, both iconic and secretive. From Uluru to the Warrumbungles, from the Pinnacles to the Apostles, Richard leads us on a visual journey spanning the entire country.

“Every opportunity to head out into the wide open spaces of this remarkable country has been gratefully taken,” he says. “In Australia my primary subject has always been the landscape. It’s a great privilege to bring together a large body of images to share over 25 years’ work in such a permanent way. However, as I reflect on the travels that have culminated in this project I’m reminded that the real privilege lies behind the pages. The opportunity to frequently stand before the most striking landscapes in the country, in the most beautiful light and for the most part, which always amazes me, in complete solitude, is clearly the greatest privilege afforded me as a landscape photographer.”

Exclusively for Australian Traveller, Richard has sought to distil those works further still, to present for you his favourite seven images. His book is on sale now for $80 from all good bookshops. For more info on Richard and his work, check out


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