Australia’s rarest and truest breed of dingo.

Meet The Creature . . .

The Dingo

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts – some of which crawl and bite, but all of which must be seen at least once in your lifetime. Here’s how . . .

By David Whitley

What: The dingo
Why: The origins of the dingo are something of a mystery. While thought of as exclusively Australian, they can be found in Southeast Asia, and it seems they’re a descendent of the Indian wolf. After coming over with early human visitors, the dingo colonised the continent. In doing so, it developed a rather bad rep with European settlers, be it through taking livestock or (allegedly) stealing babies at Uluru. This is rather unfair on an intelligent animal that can hunt alone or in packs and was partly responsible from stopping roos and rabbits overgrazing in the southeast – before a big fence was built to keep it out.

Where: The dingoes of Qld’s Fraser Island are widely considered the purest breed in the world. Indeed, it’s thought that – since interbreeding on the mainland with domestic dogs is diluting the gene pool – eventually Fraser will contain the only untainted strain. Tourism has created problems there, though, with constant human interaction leaving the dingo less afraid. It’s possible to get quite close without being in real danger. Remember, though, that these are wild animals. Trying to give them a tummy tickle probably isn’t a wise plan.
All tours of Fraser carry advisories on how to stay safe around the distinguished sandy dogs, and this includes not leaving scraps of food around, staying in groups and standing tall with your arms folded upon seeing one.

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