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It’s hard to define what constitutes a bucket list-worthy destination or experience. The whole concept depends on a traveller’s individual interests, as well as how they travel and what they want to see and do.

All too often these lists are crammed full of things that they will never get around to realising. And what’s the point of that? So, putting this issue together, with its bucket list theme, presented an interesting proposition. Instead of making assumptions about destinations needing to be far-flung or restrictively expensive, we approached it from a different point of view.

The result is a collection of must-see-and-do destinations and experiences that are relatively easy to access, surprisingly affordable and, in many cases, right under your nose. From the Sunshine Coast’s retro holiday hotspot that’s rich for rediscovery to Victoria’s ultimate short break destination that you have probably never got around to taking a short break in but absolutely should to a breathtaking walk along Tasmania’s untamed coast that offers up views that would rival anything else seen in the world to a unique island idyll that is just under two hours’ flight time from Sydney.

We have hunted down authentic Australian experiences in the outback, journeyed to Broome to explore the heritage of its long-running festival of the pearl and checked out some of the chicest hotels around the country for under $250 per night. All in all, a bucket list that you can – and we hope will – work your way through in the coming months.

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Happy travels!
Leigh Ann Pow
Editor, Australian Traveller magazine


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