The pot of gold probably isn’t at Rainbow  

Follow the rainbow back in time to a small town in the middle of somewhere – well, almost somewhere . . .

The town of Rainbow lies on the western edge of the Victorian Mallee, and is the unique setting for photographer Arsineh Houspian’s recent photo documentary.

She’ll be showcasing her considerable talent at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery in collaboration with their Connection ~ Reflection Exhibition, alongside three other artists and their work in the Wimmera.

Through Rainbow, Arsineh has captured the true spirit of a community, a place where people take time out to chat to a neighbour.

However, she notes how suffocating a small town atmosphere can be, expressed by the timely notification of her arrival to the town residents.

Rainbow’s notoriety for carting the largest quantity of wheat in Victoria in 1909 was, unbelievably, not enough to keep the population from dwindling in progressing years.

600 people still inhabit the town today, although only comprising of two pubs.

The old men meet to spin a yarn outside the butchers shop, while the women gather at the hairdressers, whether they’re getting their hair styled or not.

The exhibition has already begun and will continue until May 18. More info at or on (03) 5362 2888.

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