In the Shadow of the Grampians


As a commercial photographer, Wayne Fogden has shot everything from food to fashion, for clients such as Amex, AMP, Qantas, Fairfax and Pacific Brands.


It was the promise of travel, though, that initially inspired Fogden to camp behind a lens. And, equally, it was the lure of exotic locales that spurred him to throw in his lot with Qantas, in order to maximise those opportunities to broaden his horizons.


The images he has produced over the past 17 years from right around the world are of the highest quality, focusing not just on the grand landscapes, but also on the people and cultures he has encountered along the way.



After residing for 20 years in Sydney, Fogden followed his partner south to Victoria, seizing his chance to explore and photograph more of the lower eastern corner of the country, radiating out from Melbourne’s metropolitan centre to discover galloping fields, a lushness he didn’t expect but came to relish and – for Australian Traveller – the rugged beauty of Grampians National Park.


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