A simple, quick and easy way to avoid getting the runs from drinking water on your travels.  
Australian Traveller
is looking at a couple of different portable drinking water treatment products at the moment – one of which is the Lifesaver Bottle, while the other is the Aqua Safe Straw.

These kinds of devices are borne from the need to find simple, cost-effective ways to combat sicknesses that are the direct result of contaminated water supplies, especially in third world countries and emerging nations. But, interestingly, quite a significant proportion of bottled water from Western countries is being found to be less than the cleanest, so these units could prove just as useful here at home too.

The very handy (and very portable) Aqua Safe Straw claims to be able to remove close to 100 percent of harmful bacteria and nasties like E-coli, Staphylococcus, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

It’s basically shaped like a big fat straw, is about the size of a cigar, and you dip it straight into whatever vessel you’re using, enabling you to drink the water immediately. It’s reusable for up to 500 litres of water and uses no chemicals whatsoever.

Light and portable, it’s a pretty great way protecting yourself against contaminated water sources, and retails for $80.

For more info, check out www.aquasafestraw.com