The great Australian Outback: Where is it? How best to explore it? When is the best time to go? How far do you have to travel into the outback, before you’re actually heading back in? Peter Robinson ventures back of Bourke, passed Alice Springs and Uluru through the Kimberley and beyond the black stump to pen The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Outback and more. . .

In the early days of Australian settlement, explorers bravely opened up impassable and inhospitable lands with little more than courage, willpower and the quest for a legacy.

That pioneering spirit laid the groundwork for an enduring Australian psyche in which the notion of outback travel can also be a reality. Even though the massive majority of Australians live clustered in urban centres along the east coast, most of Australia is outback – and perhaps that’s why we go there.

The challenges of the Australian outback remain, subdued perhaps, yet somehow unchanged. Out there, near Alice Springs, next to Uluru and on the Kimberley’s Gibb River Rd the seasons make more sense. Colours seem more vibrant and the heat will uplift rather than oppress.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the hardships and the inherent loneliness of the vast, wide-open spaces, its challenges are rewarding and its people are welcoming, making every journey a memorable one.

Here is our Ultimate Guide To The Australian Outback:

  1. Where on Earth is the Australian Outback?


  2. What’s to see and do in the Australian Outback, apart from the flies.


  3. How do I explore the Australian Outback


  4. The many styles of adventure in the Australian Outback


  5. The Ten Greatest Australian Outback Journeys 

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