AT shares our favourite iApps to use while travelling with your iPhone. They’re worth the time you spend on them.


This is one of the biggest-selling travel apps, and with good reason. You simply forward it your booking-confirmation emails and it somehow reads them and generates
an itinerary for you on your phone. Free
(with a premium-paid version).
THE AT VERDICT: Miraculous stuff.


Owned by Amazon, Audible has thousands of audio books that you can download to your phone. Your audible library is synched on the web so you can access your books anywhere, on any device. Free, but the books cost. A platinum account gives you two books a month for $22.95.
THE AT VERDICT: This is the sort of thing the iPhone was made for. Brilliant and simple.


This app puts the entire Sydney public transport network in your hand, giving train, bus and ferry arrival and departure times, as well as working out your routes and timetables for you. Free (with a premium paid version).
THE AT VERDICT: Super-simple to use, this app is loved by Sydneysiders who want to get out of the office and home as quickly as possible. Also good for travellers who are unfamiliar with Sydney’s transport system.


Think you’ve found a bargain on your trip? RedLaser uses your phone’s camera to snap the item’s barcode, then delivers search results with prices of the same item online. Free.
THE AT VERDICT: Great for books – but not everything in Australia is in the system. Also good for shopping around for electronics. This app can only get better.


Allows you to check if your outbound flight is delayed, as well as giving times for arrivals, so you’re certain to be on time for airport pick-ups.
THE AT VERDICT: We tested it out on a few flights the AT staffers were jetting out on, and it worked very well. It’s extremely handy, but a bit pricey at $5.99.