A review of the colourful budget hire Wicked Vans.

Wicked Ways

What are those vans all about?

By Robyn Rosenfeldt

Ever decided you want to do a road trip on the other side of the country but it’s too far to take your own car and you don’t want to spend loads hiring one? Well, my advice to you is Wicked!

For those not familiar with Wicked Campers, they’re a relatively new company that rents out cheap campervans to backpackers and budget travellers. For $40 a day, you get all bedding provided, a sink, loads of storage space, Esky, gas cooker, camping chairs, utensils and a cool set of wheels. You can’t get a room for two in a hostel for that, let alone transport and cooking facilities!

Once you’ve paid for the van, costs are minimal. Your mobile kitchen means you don’t have to pay to eat out all the time, you can often camp for free or pay a minimal campground fees and then there’s just your petrol costs.

It’s not all roses though; there’s one major drawback with these vehicles. You have to throw away any concern with your appearance and be content to look like a bit of a hippy. What sets Wicked Campers apart from their more mainstream rivals are their so-called groovy paintjobs. Each van has it’s own unique detailing, complete with original theme and slogan on the back.
Sadly you can’t choose which one you get and with slogans like “Behind every great woman is a man checking out her arse” and “Qantas, Queers and nymphomaniacs in training”, you could be on the receiving end of some very strange looks.

Where? Pick-ups are in Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They can be taken from one city and dropped off in another, but added surcharges apply.
phone:1800 246 869
website: www.wickedcampers.com.au

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