Where are you dreaming of travelling to in 2016? Here’s what you told us in the People’s Choice Awards.

1. Winner: 1 destination you recommend every Australian should visit – Uluru

The number of people climbing Uluru has declined exponentially since it was handed back to its traditional owners exactly 30 years ago, but in every other way Australia is as inextricably in love with The Rock as it has always been. New generations are finding fresh ways to experience and explore Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, across all five of its five seasons, from glamping bliss at Longitude 131° to desert banqueting at Tali Wiru. It is and will for evermore be a touchstone for this country’s sacred heart.

The runners-up:
2. Great Barrier Reef, Qld: It’s a phenomenon so grand that it’s difficult to know where to start, but unquestionably the reef is a place that Australians are perpetually desperate to explore, preserve and tell the world about.
3. Tasmania: Intimate, elegant, wild and intensely local. Tasmania is the perfect at-your-own pace holiday. Drive through cute towns, sample sumptuous fare from the source and wander in any direction you please.
4. Sydney, NSW
5.The Kimberley, WA

2. Winner: Your Ultimate Dream Experience – Exploring the Kimberley, WA

We’re spoilt in Australia with a land that is teeming with adventures. From the pulsing heart of Uluru to the crystal underworld of the Great Barrier Reef and the dense remoteness of Tasmania’s wilderness, it’s little wonder the land’s original inhabitants were taken by the practice of going walkabout – there’s so much to see! This year, of all the adventures holding your dreams captive, the Kimberley has you under its spell. Sunsets over rich ochres, coastlines unmarred by footsteps, and an all-consuming vastness draw us into the magic of this incredible destination. You can explore the Kimberley coast (Kimberley Coastal Camp pictured) by way of a cruise, let down the tyres on a 4WD and push into the interior, or even survey its raw beauty from above, but however you decide to experience this breathtaking region, just make sure you do.

The runners-up:
2. Luxury island stay in the Whitsundays, Qld
3. Uluru pilgrimage, NT
4. Swimming with whale sharks, WA
5. Kakadu, NT


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