We love seeing amazing photos sent in from readers for our ‘Your Shot’ competition. But here are the terms and conditions you need to read before entering…

1.1 Entry to all categories is open to entrants of all ages.
1.2 Employees of Australian Traveller Media (known as the Organiser) are not eligible for entry.
1.3 The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entries considered to be indecent, inappropriate or in violation of any relevant national law or standard. Including but not limited to unlawful representation and offering competition organisers or judges inducements for success.
1.4 By entering, all persons are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

2.1 The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of the images, and must be able to prove this if required to do so. The entrant will also have sought and been given specific rights to publish any persons and or buildings or landscapes from the correct authority, including but not limited to indigenous land owners, legal guardians of minors and any other relevant required authority to publish a photo.
2.2 It is the legal responsibility of the entrant, and not the organisers, to ensure that they comply with these ownership and copyright requirements, and own the rights to reproduction of their entry.
2.3 Entries that do not fulfil these criteria will be deemed ineligible and be disqualified. Where this is discovered after a prize has been awarded, the prize must be returned or refunded by the entrant.

3.1 Closing date for all entries is two weeks prior to publication of each issue.
3.2 Submitted work and storage media, such as CDs, will not be returned.
3.3 Multiple entries will be accepted into each competition.

4.1 File Format: JPEG only.
4.2 File size: Images must be medium-high resolution digital images equal to 5 megapixels or greater. Please ensure emailed entries are less than 2MB in size per image. Both colour and black-and-white images are accepted.
4.3 Image caption: Please ensure that images are named so as to at least easily identify the location of the image and the photographer.

5.1 Prizes will be awarded to entrants judged to be the issue’s ‘winner’, or ‘runners up’. These prizes will be announced in each issue of the magazine and are subject to change without notice.
5.2 The Organiser may, from time to time, also publish submissions that do not win either the ‘Winner’ or ‘Runner’s Up’ category, but remain worthy of mention. In these instances, the entrant will be credited but no prize is guaranteed.
5.3 Each prize may have its own terms and conditions. Winners will be notified of these terms and conditions upon receiving the award and prize.
5.4 Prizes may not be redeemed for cash. If prizes are not collected are redeemed within the terms and conditions as stipulated upon notification of the prize then the prize is forfeited.
5.5 The Organiser remains the sole arbiter of any conditions relating to prizes.

6.1 Judges have been appointed internally by the Organiser to select the winning photographs.
6.2 Neither the Organiser nor their judges will discuss or respond to any inquiries or comments regarding the appointment of judges.
6.3 The decisions of the judges and competition organisers are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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7.1 All entries may be used by the Organiser for purposes relating to the promotion of the Your Shot competition for a period no less than 24 months from the date of submission.
7.2 The Winners and Runners Up may later be requested to submit high-resolution JPEG images for such purposes as the production of publications and exhibitions related to the contest.
7.3 The Winners and Runners Up will be announced by the Organiser via publication in each issue of Australian Traveller magazine, and not beforehand.
7.4 The Organiser may, from time to time, also publish submissions that do not win either the ‘Winner’ or ‘Runner’s Up’ category, but remain worthy of mention.

8.1 Entrants retain all copyrights and other equivalent rights to entered photographs, stories and video/multimedia content except as stipulates in 6.1.
8.2 The winners and finalists, may be required to sub-licence their entry(ies) to The Organiser (see clause 6.1).

9.1 The Organiser reserves the permanent, non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and show on screen any entries in magazines, on websites, in exhibitions, in tradeshows, or within any other media which is under their management for the purpose of promoting the competition.
9.2 The Organiser will use best efforts to ensure that authors of all works used for the purpose in 8.1 are credited accordingly.
9.3 The organiser, its subsidiaries and affiliates will announce names of winners and titles of winning works in Australian Traveller magazine.
9.4 In the event that an entry is found to contravene the entry requirements stated by the organiser, that entry will be disqualified. Entrants will, however, not be notified of such a judgment. The organiser reserves the right to revoke winner status and revoke any awarded prize in the event that an entrant is found to be unsuitable after the prize is awarded.
9.5 All terms and conditions regarding entry to the contest are applied according to Australian legal requirements. In the event that entries are made from outside Australia, such entries will be handled subject to Australian law.
9.6 It is not the Organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the contest entry requirements and use of personal information do not contravene the laws and regulations of the country from which the entry is being submitted. For the aforementioned reason, all responsibilities relating to the submission of entries to the contest will be borne by the entrant who understands they have submitted such entries under their own responsibility and at their own risk. In the event that any misfortune or damage should be experienced on the side of the entrant, the organiser will not be responsible.
9.7 Should any conflict arise between an entrant and the organiser, the case will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the New South Wales Court and will be handled and settled accordingly.

10.1 All personal information acquired by the organiser relating to the contest will be handled in the following way.
(i) Notification to winners;
(ii) Notification of other elements relevant to the contest; and
(iii) Inquiries to entrants regarding entries.
10.2 Names of the winners may also be published on websites related to the contest, printed materials and other media where winning photographs are displayed.
10.3 Where absolutely necessary, the organiser may disclose personal information relating to entrants to the third parties involved in the operation of the contest and the contest judges to the extent, necessary for operation of the contest.

Think you’ve got a winning reader photo? Send us the best Australian travel image you’ve ever captured for your chance to win a great prize. In the first instance, email a low-res pic to: photo@australiantraveller.com