So you’ve trodden the white sands, seen the red crabs and swum with the whale sharks on Christmas Island… What next? Here’s what next, writes Georgia Rickard.

1. Go diving with local instructor, Hama – he’s been here since 1996, knows the place inside and out, and will do his best to take you anywhere you like.

2. Get a two-hour island induction with Indian Ocean Experiences. Tours are run by Lisa Preston, who has lived here for 17 years and knows a thing or three about the island’s secret spots.

3. Splurge on tickets to the outdoor cinema, held each Saturday night (they cost a whole $5 each).

4. Eat at Lucky Ho restaurant – it offers fantastic, authentic Chinese complete with brilliant karaoke shows each night, provided free of charge by the local Chinese contingency who patronise the restaurant with great (and regular) enthusiasm. 08 9164 8739

5. Order a pizza at local pub the Golden Bosun – there’s always someone around to talk to, and the beers are dead cheap. 08 9164 7967

6. Walk up to Territory Day Park. From The Nursery Lookout you can see the water drop off from a humble 12 metres to 300 metres, at pretty Flying Fish Cove.

7. Take the five-minute walk to Margaret Knoll lookout, for a bird’s-eye view of the deep velvet green and black rock landscape.


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8. Visit Buck House – so named by affectionate locals (after ‘Buckinghuge House’) though its official name is Tai Jin House. Once the spot where the island administrator lived, it’s now home to a local historical exhibition, which overlooks the town. Great view.



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