Where? Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island
Who? Photographer William Patino

Closer to the Indonesian island of Java than the western coast of Australia, Christmas Island is an Indian Ocean paradise.

The remote Australian Territory is home to a unique menagerie of exotic animals (its famous coconut crabs can grow up to a metre in length!) with 63 per cent of the landmass a national park. With rainforest walks, natural pools and coral reefs to explore, it’s a little-known gem of a destination.

Flying Fish Cove, a settlement on the island’s northern tip, is where photographer William Patino took this beautiful shot.

“This rock is only several metres out from shore,” says William. “I used a water housing for my camera and swam out at dawn. I really wanted some scale so my friend, Serena, climbed the limestone.

To both our surprise there was a seabird and its chick that greeted Serena on arrival, which can be seen by her feet in the shot.”

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