Delaware North

Everything you need to know about the Delaware North brand in Australia. From the staff at Australian Traveller magazine.

Delaware North is a large US accommodation investment company that purchased a lot of the Voyages properties when they were sold off by their shopping centre owners in 2009.

Some of Australia’s finest resorts are Delaware properties. The properties are an eclectic mix, but rest assured that each property is a leader, if not THE leader in their class.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island is one of Australia’s most prestigious island resorts. The resort is small in scale, but very big on luxury, privacy and attention to detail. The resort has a total of 40 rooms on an island with about 24 beaches. The place is both insanely beautiful and blissfully  peaceful. It is the ultimate resort in which to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef.

Rooms here are expensive. Very expensive. People in the “know” are familiar with (and flock to) the island. For that reason you will struggle to find a cheap deal for a stay on Lizard island. You will pay around $1,400 a night for a room. This probably makes it Australia’s most expensive island resort, but one of the very best.

Heron Island

Heron is a kid friendly non luxury resoty which is invaded by birds and their pooh for about three months fo the year. After that it si a kid firnedly, and expensive family holiday with loads of nature adventure for the little tackers. Mums and dads can enjoy diving, fishing and the usual Reef fun.

Wilson Island

Wilson Island is a perennial favourite in our offices. What makes Wilson Island so great is the lack of well, anything. Think Robinson Crusoe. But with Mrs Crusoe.

A picture perfect coral cay, Wilson island is located 72 kms N/E of Gladstone on the QLD coast. This small island has accommodation in a “tent” style. Each tent is perched on the shore and looks onto its own private piece of beachfront. Meals are consumed in a main communal tent, but don’t be put off by that. There are only 6 tents on the island, so there’s an absolute maximum of 12 guests that you will ever be sharing with anyone else. If staying at a resort with a packed pool and buffet queues dominated by the elderly in their stretchy pants is not your cup of tea – then Wilson Island is for you.

El Questro

El Questro is perhaps Australia’s ultimate outback cattle station accommodation. The stunning homestead is a sea of green in the outback, and perched over the Chamberlin river.

El Questro Station is a working cattle station and it is HUGE. Try 4,000km2 for a start! In fact, the place is so big that last year a ranger on the property discovered a series of 15 cascading waterfalls in a canyon some 45m (150 ft) in height. Discovered – as in noone had seen them before!

The most luxurious accommodation on the property is the “El Questro Homestead”. Its top suite – the Chaberlain suite will cost you around $1,900 per night. But there are also cheaper options to help you explore this magnificent place.

You can also camp by the river at “The Station” Cost for this is around $17 per night and you can also stay on the other side of the property at Emma Gorge in cabins that cost around $270 per night.

Kings Canyon

Located about 300km N/E of Uluru is the breathtaking Kings Canyon. An integral part of some of Australia’s great walks is Kings Canyon. And Delaware own the two accommodation options at Kings Canyon. The Kings Canyon Resort Hotel (around $700) and the Kings Canyon Holiday Park and Campground offering basic camping and backpacker style accommodation and facilities.