Nikki Wallman follows her tastebuds to find Norfolk Island’s must-eat eateries. 

1. You must try the amazing licorice ice-cream (trust us) at Dino’s at Bumboras, a popular cottage restaurant with a Byron Bay vibe.
Dino’s at Bumboras; 89 Bumboras Road; +6723 24225

2. The cheese platter at Two Chimneys Winery is a sight to behold and taste. Its first Norfolk vintage is due out this spring too.
Two Chimneys Road; +6723 22410

3. Tahitian fish is a beautifully refreshing dish of white fish ‘cooked’ in lime juice with coconut milk and herbs at The Rock restaurant.
The Rock; Taylors Road; +6723 22704

4. Pick cherry guavas and eat as is, try the jelly, or eat them encased in chocolate at Sweeties Chocolate Factory.
Sweeties Chocolate Factory; Queen Elizabeth Avenue; +6723 24210

5. Pie! Norfolk Islanders love their pies, using whatever is in season as a filling – banana, coconut, guava… or try Hihi Pie (made from periwinkles).

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