The seemingly endless, undulating sand dunes of the Stockton Bight (stretching 32 kilometres between Birubi Beach and Stockton) are the largest in Australia. Besides throwing yourself down these enormous, ever-shifting golden mountains on a sandboard, attempting to conquer them in a 4WD (you need a beach vehicle permit) or quad bike, or enlisting a trusty steed like a camel or horse to do the hard work for you, there’s more to these dunes than immediately meets the eye.

The area is part of the Worimi Conservation Lands, which include not only the sand dunes but vast swathes of forest and are full of Aboriginal cultural significance for the Worimi people. Visit the otherworldly Tin City, a community of tin shacks that first plonked itself in the sand during the Great Depression (and later appeared in Mad Max), and don’t miss the wreck of the ship Sygna, wedged into the sand at Stockton Beach.
Finally, pause for a moment to admire the incredible, endless scenery in front of you; the patterns driven by wind into the sand, rippling like the liquid sea that lies beyond. See for more information.

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