AT’s guide to the best cheap accommodation for summer and Christmas holidays

Kangaroo Valley

Why do we rate it?
Kangaroo Valley is where city slickers go to soak up some country air. It’s beautiful, peaceful and genteel.

Where is it?
158km south of Sydney, or a 2hr 15min drive; 195km north-east of Canberra, or a 2hr 35min drive.

Where to stay
The valley is packed full of holiday rentals that offer privacy at a price. But cottages and campsites are a cheaper option if you don’t mind sharing your acres. The six cottages at Banksia Park Cottages & Olive Grove share a pool, barbecue, campfire, volleyball court and pool table, but you won’t feel cramped on 100 acres of land. Big Bell Farm offers cabins, a dam, a flying fox, horse riding and miniature goats.

How much is it?
Two-bedroom cottages at Banksia Park are $1470 a week, sleeping four – $52.50 a night per person. A private spa cottage is $1525 a week for four, and Scribblygum Lodge is $1950 for six. Big Bell Farm has a family cabin available for $720 a week.

Call now to book the last cottages for Christmas. There are more vacancies during January.

What to do
Kangaroo Valley town’s main road is lined with shops in historic buildings. The Kangaroo Valley Fudge House was the bank back in 1891 and now offers
15 types of fudge and 26 ice-creams. Visit Café Bella to savour country cooking in a quirky colonial house.

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