Bushwalk over or couldn’t be bothered? Here’s a quick, cool and digestible guide to the Blue Mountain’s suavest town, Blackheath from locals: celebrity gardener Richard Unsworth and fashion designer icon Jenny Kee.

1. Anonymous Café in Blackheath has the best Campos Coffee. I love it (Kee). It’s just on the corner of the highway.


Anonymous cafe shopfront

Anonymous cafe shopfront


2. Go to Mount Vic Flicks, an adorable, original cinema where you can have tea for a dollar, homemade soup for $4, and watch an independent art-house film for $11. (Unsworth)



3. The food at Yellow Deli in Katoomba is all handmade – it’s great for lunch and the atmosphere is lovely. It’s also owned and operated by famed Blue Mountains religious sect, the Twelve Tribes. (Kee)



4. Finish the day at Vesta, a beautiful spot with wood-fired oven, slow-cooked meats and great service by owner, David. (Unsworth)



5. See Blackheath’s complete (bargain) designer stay, including glorious apple pie from Logan Brae apple orchard and a long weekend at Jenny Kee’s very own B&B – not to mention the best place for Chinese food in Katoomba.


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