Where is it? 75km from Bathurst, NSW

One of the most charming historic towns in NSW, Hill End has seen periods of boom and bust. In the 1870s prospectors flocked to the site of the world’s largest gold nugget, swelling the population to 10,000. With over a kilometre of shops to accommodate the ensuing trade, The Royal Hotel (built in 1872) is the only one to survive, and still serves patrons to this day. By the 1940s, the miners had moved out, and the artists started moving in. Russell Drysdale was one of the first, and Brett Whitely, Margaret Olly and John Olsen have all spent time here. There are two artist-in-residence cottages here to keep the cultural heritage of Hill End alive. But if you’re not interested in any of that, the town also offers great 4WDing via the Bridle Track to Duramana.
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