Stay the night in a castle

You may feel as though you’re in Scotland (you’re not), and you may feel you’ve been anointed King of all you survey (you haven’t, you’ll just be treated like one), so if you’re after a truly regal experience, check in to Kings Plains Castle in Glen Innes, NSW.

You’ll get your royal money’s worth here: 28 rooms on three floors of a heritage-listed castle with – naturally – a tower and battlements. Kings Plains Castle was built in 1908 and is furnished with international antiques, making this quite literally a priceless place to stay.

There’s even a little airstrip close to the castle for those royals wanting to fly in secretly by private jet to avoid the paparazzi. Set on 4.5 acres of abundant garden, attended by countless chirping birds and the constant sweet smell of roses and lavender, the castle also has a guided history tour, ancient photographs to gaze at, and a National Trust-listed cemetery to spend a few quiet moments in.
WHERE // Kings Plains Rd, Glen Innes, NSW, 4hr south of Brisbane, 7hr north of Sydney.

Kings Plain Castle was actually built under Scottish influence; William Vivers, an immigrant from Scotland, settled the property in 1832. His great-nephew George Vivers then established the castle.

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