There’s a Cooper tyre to suit you!   No matter where you go with your 4wd, about town or on the black top, the beach or travelling the outback, there’s a Cooper tyre to suit you.

The Cooper ATR (all terrain reinforced) is a 70% road and sand, and 30% dirt and mud. Cooper’s ATR is the great all rounder – excellent on bitumen, on the beach and in the bush. ATR’s new technology means you are less likely to get a puncture, flat tyre or a tyre blow at speed. The famous Cooper mileage guarantee* is now up to 90,000kms for the ATR. Just make sure you consider the Light Truck construction if carrying loads or heading off on desert roads.
The S/T (Sure Track) is 60% road and sand, with 40% dirt and mud. Cooper developed two all terrain tyres tailor-made for Australian conditions, the ST and the ST-C. If you venture off-road but regularly drive on bitumen, the ST will give you better mileage. If you do most of your driving on outback roads, the ST-C will give you greater chip resistance. 
The STT (Armor- Tek3) is 20% road and sand, with 80% dirt and mud. Cooper’s STT construction helps guard against punctures and tears, like no other 4WD tyre. That’s because it’s the only 4WD tyre to protect the weakest point of the tyre – the rubber gaps between the cords. This unique technology is called Armor- Tek3 and it’s like a coat of armour for your tyres.
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