Available for rent: World Heritage-listed Pacific island, great beauty, clean, salty air, volcanic peaks, deep rainforests, rolling surf, azure lagoons, coral reefs, great walks, climbs, swims, wonderful fishing and breathtaking dives. Only a short flight from the eastern seaboard of Australia, but truly a world away. Any takers?

“Lord Howe has been called the last South Seas virgin. Coral reefs, cloudy peaks, nice surf, small landing strip, 300 residents, not much to do: Paradise Redeemed.”
– David Koch

If you haven’t heard of Lord Howe Island, the most likely reason is that people who have been there tend to treat it as a closely guarded secret. Spectacularly beautiful and unspoiled, it’s a modern but largely untouched paradise where you can be pampered and truly relax.

It’s also an island where the nature lover can spend weeks investigating the flora and fauna.

Did you know?
If you charter a fishing boat on Lord Howe, they’ll usually guarantee you catch something or give you your money back – such is the teeming marine life around the island. Interestingly, Lovers Bay on the island’s west is also one of the few spots where you can be in NSW and see the sun set over the ocean.

How to get there
Qantas has regular flights to Lord Howe Island from Sydney, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour.

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