Pristine Lord Howe Island, the “last paradise” as the locals call it, still holds some magical secrets yet to be discovered,  number 23 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘. Nominated by: Hayley Baillie, owner of Baillie Lodges.


It’s no secret: Lord Howe Island is a beach wonderland. The down-to-earth locals know just how lucky they are, too, calling their home ‘the last paradise’, and tightly monitoring visitor numbers to ensure the tiny island (at just 11 kilometres long) stays pristine, exclusive and peaceful.

“It’s hard to escape the island’s spell,” agrees Hayley Baillie. “Turquoise waters, rich subtropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, towering mountains…”

It’s hard not to wax Lord Howe lyrical, more like it. Even if you have been to the island, we reckon we’ve found a couple of spots you haven’t been to yet.

Firstly, brand new boutique holiday retreat, Bowker Beach House is so new the paint has barely dried (from $650 per couple per night) and features every mod-con you could want for.

Secondly, have you been to the Herring Pools yet? Didn’t think so. Here’s how: walk to North Bay, then head along the flat boardwalk to The Gulch. At low tide you can rock-hop around to the Herrings, which are a sers of rock pools filled with a diverse range of colourful fish. Jump in with goggles on, and you can see exactly what it’s like to swim in an aquarium. A local’s secret.

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