Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Great Australian Holiday Homes Strictly for those accustomed to lives of opulence, Emerald Valley Villa in the Byron Bay Hinterland is the kind of place where if you need to ask the price, you cannot afford it. Not only is it a six star triumph of luxury and Balinese style, it’s a true masterpiece of eco-design that allows for the resort to be powered by 100 percent green technology, leaving not so much as the tiniest carbon toe-print, nor an ounce of guilt on a departing, pampered visitor.

The entire design fuses modern methods with ancient aesthetics (ancient is right: the Balinese Rice Barns here are 200 years old!) to allow marble, teak, glass and steal to balance perfectly and construct a space that celebrates relaxation and simultaneously energises the mind, body and spirit. Away from the villas, the valley is full of delights to engage and stimulate; waterfall massages, secluded gardens and rainforests in which to escape, and an abundance of native wildlife.

Details// Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW. From $7000 per week., (02) 6684 9398

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