Where is it? About 115km north of Sydney on the state’s Central Coast, the lighthouse can be found at 40 Bush St, Norah Head

How to see it for yourself?

This shot was captured from the north end of Soliders Beach, looking up to the lighthouse, which can be seen in the distance to the left. There are also amazing views from the lighthouse itself. Visitors can have a guided tour around it or even spend the night there, in nearby cottages that were once the lighthouse keeper’s quarters.

Why I love it

“I love the emotion of this scene: the contrast of lights and darks, the newly risen sun in the clouds, the crash of the surf and the shape of  the rocks. In the distance stands Norah Head Lighthouse, one of the most recognisable features of the NSW Central Coast. Here its beam farewells the final shadows of night, yet how feeble it appears compared to the glory of the sun.” – Ken Duncan


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