Travel writer Craig Tansley points out that no five-star restaurant can beat the local fish and chip shop.

Forget Santa Claus, if you were a kid growing up around Brunswick Heads it wasn’t Christmas till mum brought a few kilos of prawns home from the ‘Bruns co-op’. These weren’t just any old prawns, they were straight off the trawlers outside and you’d feel them explode in your mouth any time you’d bite into one. We’d eat so many that by the end of Boxing Day just the smell of them was enough to make me throw up.

It didn’t have to be Christmas to visit the Bruns co-op though. I’d ride down on weekends with mates and spend whatever money I could muster up on fish and chips. Nowhere did fish and chips quite like Bruns did – but then what do you expect from a town that runs its own Fish and Chips Festival every year?

We’d sit outside the co-op on picnic benches overlooking the town’s tiny harbour with its old fleet of trawlers driven by blokes crazy enough to take on NSW’s most dangerous bar. The Brunswick River would sparkle like diamonds as the local pelicans waddled back and forth waiting for their cut. About a decade back they diverted the highway, so now it’s even more peaceful… but the fish still tastes the same.

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Brunswick-Byron Fishermen’s Co-Op is located on Old Pacific Highway, Brunswick Heads, NSW; 02 6685 1773

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