Gail Liston has hit the road and distilled her extensive travel knowledge to bring us the 20 Top Tours from all around Australia.

Follow the footsteps of the ancients along the shores of Lake Mungo in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. True, there hasn’t been a drop of water in Lake Mungo for about 15,000 years but the surrounding dunes are littered with fossils and campsites that are evidence of Aboriginal life dating back some 60,000 years.

Local Paakantyi Aboriginal guide Graham Clark picks through the sand to reveal the skeletal remains of a mainland thylacines, then nimbly leads the way to a primeval BBQ pit where freshwater mussel shells appear as though only just discarded.

Graham calls Lake Mungo the “oldest fish ’n’ chip shop in the world” and he has a point. As the setting sun illuminates the famous Walls of China, a series of crescent-shaped dunes running 30km through Willandra Lakes, the legends of Graham’s Aboriginals ancestors fill the air.

Brag Factor // Slipping your feet into a hunter’s footprints captured in sandstone many tens of thousands of years ago.

Details // Tour by Harry Nanya Tours, runs Nov-March, departure times differ depending on time of year, so check when booking. Ex-Mildura or Wentworth: $165 adult, $145 conc, $110 child, $470 family. Tagalong rate: $85 adult, $80 conc, $45 child, $210 family. Includes afternoon tea and dinner. (03) 5027 2076,

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