WHERE IS IT? Louth, back o’ Bourke (literally) on the Darling River, NSW. 125km south-west of Bourke on unsealed roads. Access via 4WD (recommended) or sealed airstrip at Louth. Open: year-round.

WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL? Liz and Gary Murray have opened up their sheep station for visitors to explore a property that was once part of the million-acre Dunlop Station (where modern shearing was pioneered). Watch lamb marking, mustering and shearing. Kids can help look after baby lambs, goats and kangaroos, and you can explore historic sites armed with a mud map. There’s fishing, yabbying and canoeing on the Darling, and you can go bush walking with a bird list of 135 species found on the station.

RATES: Campsites with shared facilities are $30-$35 per family. Self-contained cottages from $100 per double per night.

THE DETAILS: (02) 6874 7420; www.trilbystation.com.au

OTHER STATION STAYS IN THE AREA: Comeroo Station, Bokhara Station.

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