Yamba local, Debrah Novak, captures a day of droving in the nearby Clarence River high country with some rather impressive results…  

As a cross media freelancer based in Yamba in northern NSW, Debrah enjoys documenting stories, particularly about the nearby Clarence River Catchment.

You can see more of her work at www.debrahnovak.com.au 

I live in Yamba at the mouth of the Clarence River and one of my favourite places I love to go and fish and kayak is up in the Clarence River high country, at the foot of the Gibraltar Ranges.
This place makes my heart sing because of the wildness and untouched beauty that has stood the test of time and property developers.
It is here you can still see the pioneering spirit of the Australia outback where the cattleman still drove for special events and the people are the salt of the earth and it is only two hours from the coast.”

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