On a roadtrip from the Barossa to Sydney, Brigitte Drew stops in at the Perry Sandhills near Wentworth, capturing both the unique landscape and her long-lost love of photography.

After briefly studying photography during her schooling years, Brigitte tried her hand at the craft on a trip from the Barossa to Sydney.
Along the way, she stopped in at the Perry Sandhills near Wentworth (just north of the New South Wales and Victorian border), characterised by over 400 acres of sand dunes that are continually shifting and believed to have formed over 40,00 years ago.
Over the past five years my husband and I have finally had an opportunity to do some travel across Australia, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of places we want to see. 
During these short trips I spend many hours taking photos, it has become a passion of mine to try and get that perfect shot.
My dream, like many others, is to take a year off and travel around Australia and see all it has to offer – it is a harsh yet beautiful country full of many contrasts.
I often feel the simplest shots work out the best, not over complicating it and leaving some thought to the imagination as to what lies beyond the shot.

I recently received a new camera and I am still learning it’s features and hoping to improve on my current photographic capabilities.”

– Brigitte Drew

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