The National Art Glass Gallery in Wagga Wagga on the banks of the Murrumbidgee is home to the country’s largest collection of glasswork. The gallery boasts a permanent display of some 410 pieces, including Leonard French’s huge stained-glass piece (above) reason enough to visit. As you step inside you feel as though you’re entering a glass bubble, as one side of the room is glassed from floor to ceiling, looking out onto a leafy garden that compliments the artwork.


The still surrounds amplify the busy glass displays, making the experience that much stronger. Creative glass blowing has been a leading art form in Wagga since 1974. The gallery aims to grow and build its contemporary glass collection, and its latest acquisition, an elegantly shaped blue vase with perfectly blown indentations – aptly named Blue Steel by Joanna Bone – carries a uniquely Aboriginal look and feel, and is reminiscent, for some, of a symbolic expression of the Milky Way.

WHERE? Wagga Wagga is midway between Sydney and Melbourne.The Glass Gallery is in the Civic Centre of the city’s Cultural Precinct (

DID YOU KNOW? Wagga Wagga is often called the City of Good Sports, because of all the famous sporting identities hailing from there, including Wayne Carey, Paul Kelly, Geoff Lawson and Michael Slater.

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