Thredbo village is one of the premier snow villages in Australia

Rundown: Alongside Hotham, Thredbo vies for the title of the best in the country. It boasts long runs, a chic feel and is a good all-rounder for groups of different standards. However, with Perisher’s grand plans and little serious development in the last decade, Thredders may soon want to consider a few upgrades.

New in ’05:
Some tweaks in the terrain parks and a number of new properties. How’s the Golf Course lift coming along, guys?

The Good: This is the most atmospheric of the Australian resorts. Thredbo’s European-style village is both attractive and functional. Also, it has the best vertical drop (675m) in the land.

The Not So Good: The corollary to the great vertical is the low village elevation of 1365m. It looks great with snow, not so great without it. In marginal years or during the shoulder season the consistency of snow towards the bottom of Crackenback feels like a cross between lumpy borsch and a 7-11 slurpee.


Bedding Down:

$$ Thredbo Alpine Hotel: The place is getting at least part of the serious Queer Eye treatment it has needed for a while, with about $1.5 million spent on room upgrades in the last five years. It’s not super elegant but handy and a place where you can often sneak a room at short notice. Twin room from $225 a night.
Website: Phone: 02 6459 4200.

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